Looking To Implement A Learning Management System in your institution? Here Are Five Tips To Guide You

Uzity LMS implementation tips blog image

Many reputed institutions and seasoned instructors slowly now gravitating toward teaching in an online learning environment. For academic institutions and freelance trainers preparing to use a Learning Management System to offer a course online, the prospect might seem both exciting as well as daunting. Here are simple tricks to get you started on the road to online teaching

Familiarize Yourself With The Learning Management System

Before your start developing your online course, invest some time and effort to become familiar with the technology used in your Learning Management System including the including hardware and software, and spend some time exploring there. Knowing the system inside out will help you optimise the software and get the best out of your online course.

Redesign Your Content For The Online Classroom

Ensure that your course material is updated and designed to be engaging in a virtual classroom environment. Uzity supports unlimited uploads of high-definition instructional video and audio files for the ultimate learning experience. You can also use various teaching tools such as videos, audio clips, images, text, presentations, and documents to make your course more interesting and engaging.

Build A Community Of Active Learners

As a new online trainer, it is essential that you keep in frequent contact with students and initiate a dialogue on the various courses and academic goals to ensure that you have a community of learners supporting your online efforts. Ongoing interactions and active discussion in an online course can create a much stronger and motivated intellectual community of learners.

Include Assessments Throughout The Course

The Learning Management System should allow for ample of assessments that allow the instructor to gauge the learner’s progress and give the learner the opportunity to determine what they may need to focus on moving forward. These assessments can be in the form of tests, quizzes etc.