eLearning Platforms : Dispelling Common Myths

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While distance learning has been around for decades, for many of us online learning and digital courses are relatively new concepts of learning. While elearning platforms are transforming education, online courses are still subject to various myths and misconceptions. Because of its general unfamiliarity, many students may be reluctant to participate in online learning preferring the conventional security of a traditional, campus-based atmosphere.

However, in reality, online courses are extremely rewarding with many benefits to students. This article addresses some of the common myths of online education and endeavours to dispel them in an attempt to ease the anxiety of new students.

Myth – Online Learning Is For The Lazy

Truth – Online Learning Can Be As Rigorous As Traditional Courses With The Added Element Of Self-Discipline To Get The Work Completed

Many people believe that an online education is an easy and effortless way to earn a degree. This is not true. In many cases, online courses are often academically rigorous courses with all the assignments and assessments of a traditional course. The key feature of online learning is the flexibility of learning according to your schedule and without setting foot in a physical classroom. They are adapted to match the schedule of your busy life and therefore require stronger organizational skills and more self-discipline. Students need to be an enthusiastic, engaged learners who are self-motivated to meet deadlines.

Myth – Employees Do Not Value Online Certificates

Truth – An Online Degree Improves Expertise And Increases Employability

Today, employers are aware that elearning platforms have created opportunities for developing new skills, updating professional credentials and keeping oneself above the knowledge curve. A candidate with an online degree not only has an updated skill set but he proves that he is ambitious and motivated, thus improving his prospects in the ever competitive job market.

Myth – Online Learning Can Be Lonely And Lacks Personal Attention

Truth – Online Learning Offers Plenty Of Opportunity For Interaction With Fellow Students And Trainers

eLearning platforms offer quite a generous array of collaboration tools for students and teachers which allow higher levels of engagement, interaction, participation and feedback unmatched with traditional classrooms. Many trainers actively look for ways to make their courses more engaging and personal for their students through web interfaces such as online chat and discussion forums. In fact, with so many opportunities and mediums to interact with peers and professors, there is often a greater feeling of personal connection than in a traditional classroom.

Myth – Online Students Must Be Very Technology Savvy

Truth – Online Training Can Be Accessed By Students Across Computer Literacy Levels

Most learning management systems offer easy, step-by-step tutorials ensuring that even students who are technologically challenged can easily navigate the course and follow the curriculum instructions.

Myth – Online Learning Is Just For Information Technology

Truth – Online Training Can Be Is Available For A Number Of Subjects

Many students also believe that digital learning is best meant for information technology related learning. However, learning management systems today offer online courses for all kinds of topics. At Uzity students can sign up for a number of courses from business and management to modern day Kung Fu and lots more.