Coding – The New Business Literacy Skill That Everyone Must Know

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Literacy is often defined as the ability to read alphabets, numbers and form basic words and sentences. It is an essential life skill because, without basic literacy skills, you are at an impossible disadvantage in modern society.

As we swiftly integrate technology into our daily lives, many experts are considering the ability to write codes and read HTML as a new age literacy skill. Even if you do not work as a developer or even in a creative field, being able to program and read code is gradually becoming the benchmark distinguishing productive and employable individuals. With an increasing number of MOOC courses offering courses in coding, let’s look at a few reasons why coding is fast becoming the new age literacy skill essential for all corporate executives.

Enhance Your Digital Literacy

Learning to code through various MOOC courses are a great way to enhance your digital literacy. While it is not essential to learn to code the various applications that you use on a daily basis, but in-depth knowledge of the working and coding of these apps will help you use those applications better. Once you open the doors to learning to code, you will become digitally literate and be able to troubleshoot your daily tech problems that would have frustrated or defeated you earlier.

Learn To Work More Independently

Learning coding will enable you to work faster and more independently as you no longer have to depend on your development team or your agency to make tiny changes to your website.  Armed with the basic coding skills, not only will you be able to manage your website better, but you can also create promotional emails, navigate or debug a new software and much more.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

When you learn to code through various MOOC courses, you need to congregate your thoughts in a logical, structured way. Logical thinking will sharpen your reasoning and greatly improve your problem-solving skills.

Give Life To Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Start-ups are altering the entrepreneurial landscape and if you too have dreams of entrepreneurship, coding is an invaluable skill to learn. Learning coding will help you create a prototype of your app and website. Through your knowledge of coding, you will be able to accurately estimate how long each stage of development will take, and what resources will be required.

Learn To Communicate Effectively With Your Technical Team.

Understanding code is an essential business skill, especially if you frequently collaborate with the technical team at your workplace. With a basic understanding coding and how various technologies work, you will be able to give clear and crisp instructions to your technical and development team.


Today, learning code through various MOOC courses is regarded as a critical skill, irrespective of the department that you work in. Not all of us who learn to write will become a professional writer, similarly not everyone who learns to code will go on to become a software developer. But learning these skills will equip you to face future workplace challenges and enhance your employability.