3 Strategies To Use MOOCs To Advance Your Career And Get It Out Of That Rut

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MOOCs are healthy for your career growth! 

Admit it! All of us, at some point in our careers, get stuck in a rut.  This is especially common after you have been in the same position or similar industry for too long. The familiarity of knowing the job too well is no longer comforting but can be boring and often very frustrating. If you too are looking to get out of this rut and move ahead in your career, then online learning can be the answer for you. Over the past few years, MOOCs – an acronym for Massive Open Online Courses have disrupted the global education industry by making available high quality educational content to enthusiastic learners all over the world.

From students in educational institutions, women on career breaks, retirees seeking to learn something new to busy executives looking to develop their skillset, Moocs are sought by all as they provide the opportunity to study a subject without the traditional time and geographical confines of a university.

Some of the biggest applicants for various MOOC courses globally are busy corporate executives who use these online learning platforms to help them get to the next level of their career – without the hassles of taking a break from work. If you too are struggling with boredom at work, you can consider online education as a stepping stone to help you advance your career to the next level of success.

Strategy #1 –   Master New And Evolving Technological Skills To Make Yourself Indispensable And Enhance Your Marketability

Technology is forever evolving at a breakneck speed and mastery of the latest technological skills is a sure shot way of impressing your superiors whilst making yourself indispensable at your place of work.  When you learn an in-demand digital skill or update your technical skills, you can enhance your reputation as an expert, and this strategy just might make the difference between you and another candidate when deciding on a promotion.

Strategy # 2 – Learn New Skills Beyond Your Expertise To Prepare For A Promotion

MOOCs are an excellent way to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge, beyond your expertise that may come in handy on the job. You can always leverage your new skills to get the promotion that you have been vying for. Once you complete your online courses, you can polish your resume and show off your new skills with an official certificate. By keeping your managers and HR department updated on the various courses that you are doing, you will be able to project yourself as a motivated candidate, trained and prepared to take a career leap when required.

Strategy # 3 – Learn Skills To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

MOOCs offer you the opportunity to expand your professional horizon and transform your passion into your profession. For instance, the various writing courses, photography courses are a great way to polish your skills before you embark on a new career.

If this is the year, that you have decided to advance your career, you should register for an online course with Uzity. Our wide range of courses will help you fast-track your career to success.