Online Learning Platforms the Primary Preference For Learning Among Indian Employees

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Rapid developments in technology coupled with increasing innovations in science and engineering, have created an increasing gap between need and availability of the skills required across the IT industry. Today, it is essential for IT professionals to update their skills in order to ensure employability in a highly competitive economic environment. However, employees are not keen to go through traditional learning program because of several reasons such as the cost, time spent away from the office, boredom etc. This is where online training platforms can play a major role in closing the prevalent skill gap among employees.

KANTAR IMRB, a leading market research company recently surveyed 568 IT professionals across the leading Indian cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, NCR, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. The study titled – Learning habits of the Indian technologist attempted to understand how an IT professional in India likes to learn, his views on various learning methods, whether he has set learning goal for himself and how it links to his personal and career growth.

The study showed that an astounding 97 percent of IT professionals agreed on the importance of building one’s technology skills and 74 percent of them have undergone learning programs in 2016 to ensure that their skills are up-to-date . For the year 2017, 48 percent of IT professionals surveyed had set learning goals for themselves linking skill upgradation to career growth and better pay.

The key learning of this study was that 69 percent of Indian IT professionals believe that the use ois more effective for learning than offline methods with almost 74 percent of IT professionals looking for freedom in what they learn rather than being directed. The study also highlighted the emergence of  new learning styles with 94 percent of IT professionals, who felt that personalization of learning experience, 93 percent who felt that byte-sized learning and 92 percent who felt that adaptive online assessments were new learning trends  that would greatly impact learning in next two years.

With online training platform becoming increasingly popular, Google and KPMG also recently released a joint report titled; ‘Online Education in India: 2021. The report revealed that the online education industry is expected grow at a healthy rate of 8x, to become a $1.96 billion industry by 2021. The report that covered over 3,600 respondents across 27 geographies including metros and non-metros revealed that over the last two years, there had been a 2x growth in online searches for education in India and a 3X growth in searches from a mobile device. Highlighting the segment wise growth in the online education space, the report said that re-skilling and online certification is currently the largest sector that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38% to reach $463 million by 2021 from the  93 million in 2016.