Are You Ready To Be An Online Learner?

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The various courses available on online education platforms spell freedom for students — freedom to learn at their own pace, earn a degree at their convenience and upgrade their skills based on their schedules. Seeking information and learning can also enhance your sense of well-being. For the most part, students in virtual classrooms are learning on their own. There is no pressure to show up to a physical classroom filled with other students and instructors making online learning easy and convenient.  

But online learning is not for everyone. Read on to know if you have the traits necessary to be a successful online learner.  

1) Are you self-motivated?

Self-motivation is an essential quality needed to be a successful student on an online education platform. Prospective online students must develop a mind-set of taking charge of their learning by so that they can get the best out of their course. By proactively asking questions, clearing doubts, engaging with other students and posting on forums, you can be in control of your learning process.

2) Are you self-disciplined?

Online courses require students who are self-disciplined and independent learners. The lack of face-to-face interaction can be a deterrent to many students but to stay on track in an online course you need to have self-discipline that will help you follow the class schedule and meet deadlines consistently.

3) Are you organised?

Life outside the virtual classroom is hectic and can take a lot of the online student’s time. Given that the online learner does not have a set schedule to attend class they need to be ultra-organised to so that they can prepare and set their learning agenda in advance –creating a calendar with assignment due dates, blocking time for studying each week etc. Strong organisational skills will help online students accomplish all they need to as efficiently as possible.

4) Strong reading and writing skills

Many prospective students believe that studying on an online education platform will allow them to hide in a cyber-corner without communicating. However, an online class needs students to communicate even better than ever. Students are required to develop strong reading and effective writing skills so that they can communicate their ideas in class. Online courses entail plenty of research, reading as well as communication through text-based tools, such as emails, discussion forums, chats and instant messaging. It is therefore important that prospective online students be comfortable with reading and expressing themselves through writing.

5) Are you technically fluent?

An online education platform will require potential students to have a basic knowledge of computer and internet skills in order to be successful in their course. These include an understanding of basic computer hardware and software as well as the ability to perform online research using various search engines. Most online courses post a list to technical skills needed for the course to prepare students in advance.

In Conclusion, becoming a successful online student is not easy. With each new course and with every assignment students have to develop skills that enhance their learning characteristics. If you do feel that you are ready to take on the world of online learning, you can explore the courses offered on to find a course that will help you upgrade your skills.