Blended Learning Unleashes New Opportunities For Students And Teachers

Blended Learning

In the dynamic world of online education, there a number teaching models that are changing the world of learning and teaching in a classroom. Blended learning is one such concept that is transforming classrooms and opening new opportunities for teachers and students the world over.

Blended learning, also known a hybrid learning denotes a teaching model that combines the best of a traditional classroom with e-learning tools to create a new hybrid method. Blended learning is more than simply adding computers to classrooms; it includes adding an array of online learning array tool into the education of the student with an intention to expand learning.  These tools include video, audio, quizzes, online games and visually enhanced presentations to keep learners engaged and also to make sure that all material is easily grasped by the students – something that is not always possible schedule driven, fast-paced environment of a physical classroom. By using these new tools, Blended learning helps students to understand various complex issues.

Blended learning also allows students to learn at their own pace, working on the online tools at home and utilizing the school hours to clear their doubts and get their queries answered. These small advantages go a long way in improving the student confidence and take the pressure away from the learning.

Just as Blended Learning offers new opportunities for students, it also empowers and enables the teachers in a classroom.

Contrary to belief, Blended learning does not replace the teacher with online resources. In fact, in a blended classroom, the role of the teacher is all the more important as it requires teachers to pilot new approaches to teaching, using data to match content to students and facilitate personalized learning tools.

Every classroom is different as some are filled with tactile learners, while others are filled with auditory learners. A Blended classroom offers teachers ample of tools to be able to customize her teaching according to the learning styles of the students.

The various online tools such as quizzes, also take away the stress from regular grading and assessment for teachers. Similarly, teachers can use eLearning tools to assign homework whenever needed.

When using a blended learning pedagogy in the classroom, there is a differentiated role for the teacher, who has been elevated from an instructor to a facilitator of knowledge and a mentor to the students.

As students get more empowered and self-reliant with blended learning, teachers also get the opportunity to circulate among students, observe them more closely, and give them the targeted guidance that they need for learning.

Additionally, By freeing themselves from various administrative and instructional duties, blended learning makes it possible for teachers to take to develop the critical skills of students, contribute to their character development and make a true difference in the lives of their students.

In today’s world, where the students are more tech-savvy than ever before, and teachers are struggling to make sure that every student learns – in the best way possible, Blended learning offers the best mid-way approach according to their needs ensuring that no child slips through the rocks on modern-day education, while empowering the teachers to bring their best to the classroom every day.