How blended learning is better than classroom learning?

blended learning

An introduction

In the recent years, the techniques of teaching have undergone a sea change. The dynamic and rapid changes in the fields of education have brought in a lot of newer techniques that are enabling both teacher and students to have a better grip on their subjects. The integration of electronic medium has enabled technology to provide a new dimension to the landscape of teaching and education. That is why more and more people are finding the blended learning method much better than the conventional classroom learning procedures. So if you are new in this it would be a good idea to understand what blended learning actually means.

What is blended learning?

A learning procedure that has a blend of both modern and classical methods is usually called blended learning. This form of learning incorporates different types of teaching models that encourage both the teacher and students use the e-learning platform as their basic tool for learning. With this form, the learners can easily meet their specific educational goals and other objectives quite effectively. This is not possible in a classroom-based conventional environment.

The process of blended learning enables a student to have natural development towards the use of e-learning platforms and other online learning activities. Through this method, the learner can have his/her specific learning experience and adopt an individual learning style to learn faster and easier.

In this post, we will take a look at the advantages of blended learning and why it is better than classroom learning.

Advantages of blended learning

The advantages of blended learning will help us understand why it is better than classroom learning. Here are a few:

  • Effective learning methodsBlended learning models offer very effective learning process where the learner can use unique content such as modern vocabularies and their pronunciations at their own pace. The live sessions enable the student to interact with a tutor who will attend to his problems individually.

  • Nothing to be afraid of – A lot of shy learners find it very difficult to get their problems solved in a conventional classroom. They are afraid of asking questions their teachers. However, with the blended learning, the students can have almost all their questions answered on the platform they are using. They do not have to fear about their conduct and can learn at their own pace.

  • Content can be customized – In a conventional classroom, the content of learning is same for everyone. This becomes a problem for students who require special support for learning. With blended learning, the live sessions with the teacher enable the students to have individual support. The content of learning can also be customized according to the requirement of the student.

  • The flexibility of learningBlended learning provides excellent flexibility for all learners. Learning at your pace and at your own convenience enables better learning and adaptability with the subjects and content. One can learn with the help of different devices and it is not geo-specific as well.

  • Improves motivationBlended learning comes with a tracking control that can provide instant feedback to the student. This, in turn, encourages the student to rectify his mistakes and get motivated towards further learning.