Plan Virtual Field Trips & Make Learning Engaging For Students Using E-Learning Software

E-Learning Software

Virtual field trips have tremendously transformed learning and teaching in classrooms across the world. They have opened the doors to global excursions without leaving their desks and right from within their classroom. Using various e-learning software, students get to explore cities, historical destinations, ancient monuments at the click of a button.

In the previous blog post, we spoke about the relevance virtual field trips in education. For educators looking for compelling educational opportunities for their students, we have gathered a list of the most popular tools and e-learning software to help plan relevant virtual field trips for your classroom.

Google Expeditions

Google Expeditions is a virtual reality teaching tool that lets educators lead or join immersive virtual trips all over the world. For your classroom, you can use the Google Cardboard tool that is easily available to log on to the various tours and trips for your classroom. These include underwater trips, trips to space stations, historical monuments and lots more.

These trips are collections of 360° panoramas and 3D images — marked with essential details, points of interest, and questions. Thus, making them easy to integrate into curriculum already used in schools.

Google Arts and Culture

Google recently partnered with more than 50 natural history museums across the world to create a catalogue of hundreds of interactive stories, photos, videos and virtual tours.  This catalogue can be accessed by schools and educational institutes to take their students for field trips to leading museums across the world and see natural history exhibits as well as great works of art. A key feature of this e-learning software is that it allows students to get an up-close view of the artefact there are seeing with the help of the zoom feature.

Skype In The Classroom

Schools can also use Microsoft Skype as an e-learning software as Virtual field trips are some of the most popular Skype activities in today’s digital classroom. Teachers can take their students on virtual trips to places they’ve never been before using the e-learning software available to teachers all over the world through the Microsoft Educator Community. From expeditions to Iceland and Antarctica, to underwater trips, explorations to see active volcanos and lots more, this tool offers kids a learning experience like never before.

Discovery Education Field Trips

From trips to the White House to watch the migration of Polar Bears, Discovery Education Field Trips offers a range free virtual live field trips for students of all ages. You can either visit one of the archived trips or sign up for their calendar to stay abreast of the upcoming field trips.

National Geographic Explorer Classroom

Explorer Classroom sessions are live field trips hosted on YouTube. These sessions allow students to interact live with scientists, conservationists, and explorers around the globe and helps bring topics such as science, exploration, and conservation to life outside of their textbooks.

The live sessions are updated on the National Geographic website along with a list of resources to help teachers prep the students for the session. The first six classrooms to register for a session get on-camera spots as well as an opportunity to interact with the featured Explorer directly—just like in a Skype call

Today, virtual field trips are one of the most popular online teaching tools. Irrespective of the location you are, you can plan a trip to your classroom and teach them various subjects like history, STEM, geography, social students – all from the comfort of the classroom.