Shield Your School Students From Boredom Using A K12 Learning Management System

k12 learning management system

Most students of today, consider school to be dreary and boring. Not only the daily routine but also the conventional teaching methods often fail to hold the
attention of the modern, digital age student.

Today, students go home from school to their Xboxes, iPads, Virtual Reality games and yet in the classroom they learn from black and white textbooks. This has led to a complete disconnect in the minds of students, where they find the classroom lacking innovation and excitement because there is so much stimulation outside the classroom.

How then can educators help students make the connect in the classroom and shield themselves from creating boring learning environments?

Let’s look at a few causes of boredom and ways to stimulate the minds of the
student using a K12 learning management system.

Cause of Boredom – Teachers talking for long periods of time

Solutions – Give the students an opportunity to lead the communication in the class with a blended learning environment

Most often, a traditional classroom has the teacher at the helm of the classroom, doling out information and instructions. However, you can try using a K12 learning management system to create a blended learning environment.

In this environment, you use video, audio, quizzes, online games and visually enhanced presentations to keep learners engaged. The teacher is now a facilitator of learning who guides the students on how to use these new tools and helps clear doubts for enhanced understanding.

This use of multiple media is a great way to combat classroom boredom.

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Cause of Boredom – Lack of interaction and communication among peers

Solutions – Create an environment of collaboration among the students

In a conventional classroom, talking to peers during learning hours in frowned upon and often students are punished when they communicate with their friends. Students are expected to learn and function in complete silence.

However, this is an unnatural request.

A better method would be to use a K12 learning management system to give
students the tools to brainstorm together, share ideas, discuss projects, and create initiatives using each other’s unique skills. Using various project tools, you can create a collaborative classroom, where students work together, learning from each other and encouraging each other towards a common learning goal.

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Cause of Boredom –Pace of class too fast or slow

Solutions – Allow students to move at their own pace with a personalised
learning system

Not everyone is the classroom has the same mental capacity as their peers and often students find the class is moving either too fast or too slow for them. An effective solution is to use a K12 learning management system to create a personalized learning environment. This will ensure that the students learn at their own pace, allowing teachers to identify and help students who are lagging behind and need teacher guidance the most.

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Boredom is the classroom breeds frustration and hinders learning. Today, students need to be motivated and challenged in new ways and using a K12 learning management system is one of the best ways to create a modern, engaging and simulative classroom