Is Your eLearning Software Equipped With These Trending Features For 2018?

elearning software

eLearning software is an essential element of education as modern and innovative school use their online software to deliver courses to their students as well as engage them to create an environment of better learning and higher retention.

However, the LMS must be in harmony with vision of the school and if you are aiming at excellence there are a new trending features that you must ensure your eLearning software has in 2018

Diverse Content Option

Over the past few year, Personalization has emerged as the most effective way to create a meaningful learning experience for students. Today, it is an established fact that every individual student has a unique learning style with some students who enjoy learning through textbooks, while others preferring the audio-visual medium. For 2018, it is imperative that you eLearning software cater to each of these learning styles with diverse content that ranges from videos, MP3 files, written documents, and recorded webinars. These varied options will help schools to
create educational experiences with material that works best for their student’s learning style.

Simplified Course Creation Tools

Online learning can often seem intimidating to the teachers when they think of creating, editing or managing the content. For teachers and course creators to be more comfortable with eLearning software in 2018, it is essential that the Course creation tools should be simple to use and understand, with intuitive interfaces that even non-tech savvy teachers can understand.

Mobile Learning

Despite the growing penetration of the internet all over the world, not every student has a laptop or a desktop at home, but almost every home has a smartphone. According to a global study, in 2015, 52.7 percent of the global mobile phone population accessed the internet from their mobile phone. This figure is expected to grow to 61.2 percent in 2018.It is therefore essential that with the increasing number of mobile phone internet users, your online learning software should be compatible with mobile phones and other smart handheld devices. A trending feature for the year 2018 should be responsive design or native mobile apps that will allow learners to participate in training irrespective of the device that they own.

Social Learning Features – Message Boards and discussion forums

Today, in a social media obsessed world, students and their parents have multiple opportunities to connect with each other using various platforms. However, the school eLearning software is one of the most popular ways for students to connect online and discuss class studies, homework, assignments, and other pertinent information. It is also the most effective and fastest way that school can connect with parents to share.

Gamification tools

Over the past few years, educators have learned that students learn best when motivated and incentivized for learning. The concept of gamification that works in real life, is also very effecting in online learning. In 2018, it is essential for online learning software to offer gamification features that can turn a boring study session in a friendly competition. These features help engage the students, make the course content more interesting and help learners speed them through the modules and increase compliance.