Selecting An eLearning Software For 2018? 8 Questions You Must Ask Before Making A Decision.

eLearning Software

A Learning Management System can be a powerful knowledge tool that empowers your students and teaching staff to step into the digital future with confidence. Armed with new teaching techniques and learning tools, these students and teachers are able to engage better in a classroom, stay motivated and ultimately perform better.

However, choosing an e-learning software can be confusing and there is no one solution that fits all the needs of the school. Before choosing a learning
management system, it is essential that the school evaluate all their needs and ask these 8 questions that will help them select the best learning management software suited to their needs.

What is your budget

As a first step to selecting an e-learning software, one of the key steps would be to first determine your budget – the amount that you are willing to spend and the amount that you are willing to extend your budget by, to ensure that you get the perfect learning management system.

This is essential as you don’t want to spend time looking for online learning solutions that are beyond your price range

What are the top features and functionalities of the software and what do
you need?

The next step would be to analyze the top features of every software system that you have shortlisted and match that with the actual features that your educational institute needs. This is to ensure that you don’t end up paying for features that are of no use to your school.

What is the skill level of your LMS administrators?

Another essential step is to ensure that your LMS administrator is able to
understand the features of the system and use it in the best possible way. If your instructors logging into the system, uploading courses, and running reports are not very tech-savvy, you can choose an intuitive system that will guide and help your instructors every step of the way.

Can you learning management system be scaled to suit your growing needs?

As your school grows, it is imperative that your software is able to adapt to your growth and your changing needs. A scalable software should not only be able to adapt to your growth, but it should also be an asset that helps your educational institute grow in the right direction

Can you host the application on a cloud platform?

Today, the world is moving towards cloud-based software and these ensure that there is a minimal cost of administration, IT training, and maintenance of the software. When selecting an online learning software, it is best to choose a cloud-based platform.

Can you customize your e-learning software?

Customization is the key to making many software purchase decisions. An ideal online learning management system ensures that the various text and icon tools can be customised to reflect your school brand with the choice of colors, fonts, logo etc.

Besides this, it must also be customizable to reflect the various job roles and
permissions that you need.

Does this platform plugin with all the other platforms you have?

If you already have learning tools in your institute, it is essential to ensure that
your LMS system can be integrated to the various tools that you are already using.

Is it secure?

Lastly, one must look at the security aspects of your e-learning software to ensure that their data and their student data is protected and safe from online hackers.