Benefits of eLearning for teachers

Benefits of eLearning for teachers

The one thing that is common about the world these days is the technological boom that is touching each and every aspect of our lives. Education cannot be an exception to this norm either. These days, both teachers and students are able to access various educational resources that can be so valuable for them. One of the resources, in this case, is the ability to provide and receive academic instructions. Under normal circumstances, we tend to think that technological advancement is good only for the students. However, it has a number of benefits for the teachers as well. Technology is capable of creating some major opportunities for students as well and they can now lead careers that are a lot more lucrative and fulfilling, to say the least.

There are many ways in which teachers can use these online learning platforms, also known as e-learning platforms, and get it to work to their advantage:

The ability to connect

This is perhaps the biggest and the best use that e-learning platforms have as educators. By using these platforms teachers can get in touch with others of their ilk and bounce ideas off each other. This way they can also collate resources and find their way through this ecosystem of educational learning and pedagogy, which happens to be such a thriving one.

Making learning passion based

In its own sweet way education happens to be quite a passionate pursuit. However, you always have a certain area of expertise, a subject where you happen to be talented, and one that you would always love to discuss. You would like to share this with their students as well. However, at times you are bound by constraints such as your job and the curriculum that you have been tasked with teaching. This is the reason why you are not always able to do this within the regular hours of school.

There are always topics that you would like to talk about but you tend to miss out on them for the simple reason that you never have sufficient time on your hands for such work. With the help of these e-learning platforms, it becomes a lot easier for you to make these resources available to your students. There could be so many areas of study where the students may not be receiving the best possible instruction in their classroom and where you can help. Examples of such areas include singing, chess, and advanced chemistry to name a few.

With the help of these online resources, you can help your students attain success both within the classroom as well as outside it.

Increasing efficiency

Normally as an educator when you get your breaks and holidays the first thing that you can think of is spending more time with your loved ones, something that you are unable to do so in your regular work schedule. However, you can also use this period to maximize the various e-learning platforms and make some extra money in the bargain. In fact, these online platforms have made it easier to achieve such goals.

Now you can easily get in touch with students who are in need of your expertise. As a teacher, you can provide lessons on which you naturally happen to be good at and about which you are pretty passionate as well. This way, you can also save sufficient money that could come in handy at the time of your next trip. In fact, by just helping students just once each day during a break you would be able to save up quite some money for sure.

Mastering various languages

If you are attempting to teach students whose first language is not the same as yours, it can be quite a difficult proposition. In most cases, you can be sure that your school is not going to offer you the tools to improve. This is one area where you can understand the true value of the old adage – learning by teaching. If you teach a foreign language to your native speaker you can actually pick up some valuable points that can come in handy later on in your career and serve you well. It is a lot like learning in the classroom. You can be pretty sure that this way you would be able to pick up a number of words and phrases of that particular language that you may not have known earlier.

Going beyond your comfort zone

In the end, just like any and every other work over there teaching is a skill that needs plenty of practice for you to get good at it. Yet, if you have to do some work like making lesson plans time and again even as you have a thousand commitments at a school like grading the students for their latest class test it can get really tough to put your heart and soul into it.

This is the reason why you need to go with something that works as that would be able to save a whole lot of time for sure. However, if you happen to be a worthy educator you would always be looking at ways to reach your students that are more effective. When you teach outside the restrictions that your classroom places on you or even beyond the limits of your syllabus you can get the sort of creative freedom that you have always craved for. This way, you can introduce some elements to your students that may be new to them.

Apart from that you can also come up with elements that work in your lesson plan and make the entire process a well-rounded one for all.


So, as you would have learned by now, e-learning makes it a lot convenient to learn for all. There is a greater degree of flexibility to suit your interests as well as that of the students. It also makes the very process of learning a lot easier and thus a lot more fun. It improves the interaction that you have with your students. In all, it happens to be a win-win proposition for you as well as your students.