Does Your K12 Institution Need a Customised ELearning Platform?

Customised ELearning Platform

Find out what a customised eLearning platform can do for your school

In the old days, learning took place in a simple classroom. All that was needed was a patient teacher, attentive students, a blackboard, some chalk and some reading and writing material. With the growth of technology and its easy availability, these simple tools are still necessary but are often not enough.

Learning can be augmented by tools and resources that are technology based. It keeps things interesting and makes learning more dynamic.

We are seeing this in classrooms already – from using overhead projectors to using videos to teach new concepts. Students do not just learn from textbooks and notes but from a variety of sources. Increasingly, online sources are becoming more and more normal. This can include everything from free resources like online encyclopedias like Wikipedia to specific reading materials housed in a customised e-learning platform.

In this blog, we will focus on the use of customised online learning platforms in the classrooms of K12 institutions.

What is a customised eLearning platform?

But first, we must address what a customised online learning management platform is. An eLearning platform is a classroom tool which multiple stakeholders (like students, teachers, management, and parents) can access to share learning materials, recreate online classrooms through groups, and use to teach students in the classroom or even remotely.

A customised e-learning platform is one that can be modified to suit the particular institutions need. A good example of a customised e-learning platform is Uzity, which allows schools and colleges to choose what features they want on the platform (apart from the straight out of the box model containing basic features). These plugins can be customised and added to suit a school or college’s individual needs.

Why do you need a customised eLearning platform?

In an increasingly technologically driven world, it makes sense to use a tool like a customised eLearning platform to easily address all your needs from one single platform. A customised LMS platform accomplished the following tasks:

  1. Addresses your school individual needs
  2. Performs multiple functions – everything from admissions to graduation to alumni networking
  3. Maintain student records in order to track students through their tenure at school in order to ensure they remain on the right track
  4. Recreate classrooms online using study groups and communication channels
  5. Stay in touch with remote students by using the customised eLearning platforms various features to mimic a physical classroom
  6. Create a repository for learning materials, tools, and resources that will function as a ready reference
  7. Ensure fair and easy access to all students, regardless of where they are and what they can afford to information and teaching
  8. Reduce costs on school management by automating and digitising a lot of processes
  9. Ensuring that your tools suit the needs of your school since custom features are available for your customised eLearning platform
  10. Ensure that all stakeholders – parents, teachers, students, and management – work together as a team, using the customised e-learning platform as a single tool of information and action.

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What are the advantages of a customised eLearning platform?

The advantages of customised eLearning platforms are many. A few advantages are expanded on below:

  1. A perfect fit – customised e-learning platforms like Uzity address the specific needs of your specific school or college. This means all the features are of use to you, specifically!
  2. Reduces processes – most processes are repetitive and prone to human error. Reduce the amount of time taken to complete repetitive tasks using a customised e-learning platform.
  3. Reduces labour costs – since processes are taken over the customised e-learning platform, personnel requirements are reduced or rechanneled towards more productive tasks.
  4. Reduces time waste – automated processes and a lack of human interference means the system is working as efficiently as possible, resulting in optimum usage of time. Your  customised e-learning platform can be a real time saver!

Using a customised eLearning platform like Uzity at your K12 institution in this day and age just makes sense. It is essentially bringing the functioning of a school online in an easy to set up fashion that is accessible to everyone.