Why organization needs eLearning software?

elearning software

One of the many benefits that as an organization you can get from eLearning software is that it is highly engaging. Normal classroom instruction is dependent to a significant extent on the quality of the long lectures that are delivered by instructors as well as the printouts that tend to be on the thicker side more often than not. ELearning, on the other hand, uses a number of formats such as text, videos, animation, and gamification to make things interesting for the students. It is well known that all students are never able to process information the exact same way.

There may be some that like to read texts while there could be others who like to watch videos in order to learn. When you have an eLearning platform students are given the leeway to choose the method that they wish to learn by. Since this system allows students a greater deal of engagement they tend to learn a lot better as well. That is highly beneficial for the students. In a recent white paper, IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) discovered that learning technologies are able to increase employee engagement by at least 19 per cent. This is a significant number indeed!

Let’s look out the reasons that why eLearning software is required in organisations:

They are seamless

One of the biggest benefits of an eLearning platform is that it is seamless. In any and every big business, there are going to be many departments, and the requirements and processes of training are going to be different with respect to each and every one of them. If this is not kept in mind it would create a training program that would be unsystematic and filled with too many problems that would create a lot of issues. On the other hand, with the help, an eLearning program you would be able to centralize and organize your L&D (learning and development) function properly.

You could be able to create a program that is an online resource in the truest sense of the term in the sense that it can be accessed quite easily. All the departments in your organization would then be able to use it with respect to their instructional needs. The LMS these days are designed in such a way that they do not have any need for different L&D programs across the spectrum. This seamlessness can have a positive effect on the other areas of your business operations as well. With a properly developed eLearning platform, it is actually possible to get rid of operational friction in your organization.     

They help you save money

When as an organization you have trainers and experts visit your site in person in order to take classes it can add to the costs being incurred by your organization. It can increase your bottom-line expenses quite significantly. You also need to take into account the travel expenses of these experts and trainers. These costs only go up when you have them flying in from other locations to take classes and conduct training sessions in your premises.

However, with eLearning, you can be sure that you would be able to bid these costs goodbye. Since the instructions in these cases are dispensed online they cost a lot less than what would happen if they were delivered offline. These days, as an organization you may be working across locations and you can have teams spread across several locations as well. There could also be people working in your company on their personal schedules with your permission. Having these systems in your setup can be regarded as a reflection of the way that you generally work. This way, your employees would be able to learn at their convenience.

You can measure their efficiency

Since these systems are digital it is actually possible to measure how well they are helping you and that too at a granular level! ELearning outcomes should however never be measured solely on the basis of the number of learners that were able to complete the entire schedule, the time in which they were able to do, and how well they scored in the various tests. The proper way to gauge the impact of these programs is to look at the kind of impact they have on the business KPIs (key performance indicators).

They are scalable

With your growth, your eLearning grows as well. The digital learning tools being developed nowadays are great in the sense that they are able to make space for new users and that too within a short space of time as well as with a great deal of ease. Now, the new people coming into your organization would not have to wait for the next set of training materials and sessions in order to learn. They can find all that they need and more in the eLearning system that you are using right now.

They are agile

The training needs that you would have as an organization would never be the same at all times. They would always be changing for the simple reason that the markets are changing faster than you can even think or see at times. The need of the hour for the training programs is to be as flexible as they can be so that they are able to properly represent these shifts and help the ones that they are supposed to help. The entire thing needs to be done on a real-time basis as well in order for it to be highly effective.

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They are contextual

It is common knowledge that L&D requirements that you have would be much different compared to what other organizations would have. In fact, these needs would vary within your organization as well with respect to your various departments. The beauty of the eLearning platforms these days is that they adapt seamlessly to these unique needs that you have and they can always be customized in order to meet those requirements properly as well. These programs, at each and every stage of their user lifecycle, cater to the various learning requirements that you may have at an individual level in your organization and this is the reason why they are so highly appreciated and used with such great frequency as well.