How Does Gamification in LMS Boost Learning Outcomes?

gamification in LMS

Better learning can be achieved through gamification in LMS

What is an LMS?

A learning management system is an example of education technology. It is a platform that helps manage learning processes in an educational institution like a school or college. A learning management system is used for the administration, documentation, progress tracking and evaluation of the delivery of courses, information, or training for students or groups of students, like in a classroom.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of elements of playing a game (for instance, taking turns, collecting points, levelling up, winning against a competitive element) to non-game activities. It is found to increase engagement with the product or service being gamified.

What is gamification in LMS?

Gamification in LMS or learning management systems is the application of game concepts to courses or training learning management systems. Gamification of LMS helps set up these courses or training in the format of a game, which makes learning more fun. Gamification of LMS is one of the newest trends in education technology – likely due to the increased or superior learning outcomes that are seen.

How Does Gamification in LMS help students learn?

Gamification is not a new concept – classes use word games to teach children vocabulary, have mental maths competition to sharpen numeracy skills and ice-breakers that encourage children to think within the rules provided and present themselves in an engaging way. Gamification in LMS, however, is a new concept. Gamification in LMS encourages course makers to create courses or training that will engage a student straight off the bat. Here are some ways gamification in LMS helps boost learning outcomes:

  • Immediately interesting

Gamification in LMS is an immediately engaging concept – like most children, students are more inclined to spending time and paying attention to things they find fun and interesting. Gamification on LMS takes content they might not be that keen on and turns it into a game. In some ways, gamification on LMS is a mere evolution of the concept of edutainment – where entertainment and education are combined to engage a child in learning. Think of it this way – is a student more likely to show immediate enthusiasm when a teacher announces that a game is being played or whether a reading has to be completed? Gamification in LMS thus interests students right from inception.

  • Encourages Proactive Learning

Ask any parent and they will tell you of the screen and game addiction they have noticed in their child’s behaviour. That games are addictive in a lot of ways is not news to most teachers and parents. So why not capitalise on this proactive interest through gamification in LMS? Gamification in LMS encourages students to take an active intrinsic interest in their schooling by making learning more fun. The right gamification in LMS will soon be building students addicted to fun learning.

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  • More interactive and memorable

Think of all the video games screens and moves you still remember years after you stopped playing your favourite game. With gamification in LMS, one can expect to experience a similar effect. Instead of static images or paragraphs of text, students experiencing gamification in LMS will instead remember dynamic and exciting visual effects, the excitement of beating a game (even if it is a simple quiz dressed up to look like a quest) and the rush of gaining points and beating the system. Gamification in LMS might thus help with better and more impactful recall of learning materials than old textbooks can.

  • Encourages social learning

Research shows us that peer to peer learning is one of the most impactful learning methodologies out there. Learning from your friends feels natural and is useful for both the teacher and the student. It also helps students build vital social skills. Gamification of LMS encourages peer learning in a very natural way – as students engage in their coursework or game, they share techniques, knowledge, tricks and tips with their fellow students, enhance in the gamification of LMS in real life. Social learning will increasingly be the way of the future thanks to increasing globalisation and digitisation of the world – gamification in LMS is a way to capitalise on this shift.