Google Meet Integration with Uzity: To Conduct Online Classes

Meet Integration with Uzity

Seamless Google Meet integration with Uzity. 

It simplifies the way to conduct virtual classes within the course module & host doubt clearing sessions as per your needs.

For modern institutions & organizations, conducting online classes and delivering content-rich training has become pivotal as it makes the educational program more effective. 

In the old times, to host virtual classes, teachers use to handle 2 separate platforms one is to maintain students’ data and the other is to run video classes, which not only makes the whole process time-consuming but also increases the operation cost of the organization.  

Meet-Uzity integration, empower your institution with automation, and take the online meeting/classes experience to the next level, by increasing learner engagement, diversifying learning delivery, and simplifying instructor-led training management.

Uzity is a modern LMS for unparalleled teaching and learning experience. It fits everywhere whether it is the classroom, in the workplace, or at home. One place for your organization to learn, connect, and grow. Using Uzity, you can create intriguing courses, conduct online training programs & deliver interactive learning experiences from anywhere at any time.  

Uzity lets you integrate your instances with Google Meet to make the most of its advanced video conferencing capabilities.

To do it, follow these steps:


  • Google SSO to be configured and enabled
  • User has to login to Uzity organization with Google SSO at least once to start using

Setting up Google API  Console

  • Make sure to add the “Organization URL” to “JavaScript Origins” and to add the provided “Redirect URI” to “Authorized redirect URIs”

Enabling in the Organization (Master admin login)

Credentials to be generated from Google API console and added to Uzity Organization.

Usage instructions


  1. Teaching instructor/Admin will create a ‘Live ClassRoom’ Topic in Uzity with GoogleMeet as the selected Conference tool
  2. Edit the created topic and add a schedule to the class
  3. Publish the topic to have calendar invites shared to the course users.

You did it:

You’re now ready to create your first Meet-enabled video conference meeting in Uzity. Try it today or Contact Us Today for More Info.