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Are You Ready To Be An Online Learner?

The various courses available on online education platforms spell freedom for students — freedom to learn at their own pace, earn a degree at their convenience and upgrade their skills based on their schedules. Seeking information and learning can also enhance your sense of well-being. For the most part, students in virtual classrooms are learning on their own. There is no pressure to show up to a physical classroom filled with other students and instructors making online learning easy and convenient.  

But online learning is not for everyone. Read on to know if you have the traits necessary to be a successful online learner.  

1) Are you self-motivated?

Self-motivation is an essential quality needed to be a successful student on an online education platform. Prospective online students must develop a mind-set of taking charge of their learning by so that they can get the best out of their course. By proactively asking questions, clearing doubts, engaging with other students and posting on forums, you can be in control of your learning process.

2) Are you self-disciplined?

Online courses require students who are self-disciplined and independent learners. The lack of face-to-face interaction can be a deterrent to many students but to stay on track in an online course you need to have self-discipline that will help you follow the class schedule and meet deadlines consistently.

3) Are you organised?

Life outside the virtual classroom is hectic and can take a lot of the online student’s time. Given that the online learner does not have a set schedule to attend class they need to be ultra-organised to so that they can prepare and set their learning agenda in advance –creating a calendar with assignment due dates, blocking time for studying each week etc. Strong organisational skills will help online students accomplish all they need to as efficiently as possible.

4) Strong reading and writing skills

Many prospective students believe that studying on an online education platform will allow them to hide in a cyber-corner without communicating. However, an online class needs students to communicate even better than ever. Students are required to develop strong reading and effective writing skills so that they can communicate their ideas in class. Online courses entail plenty of research, reading as well as communication through text-based tools, such as emails, discussion forums, chats and instant messaging. It is therefore important that prospective online students be comfortable with reading and expressing themselves through writing.

5) Are you technically fluent?

An online education platform will require potential students to have a basic knowledge of computer and internet skills in order to be successful in their course. These include an understanding of basic computer hardware and software as well as the ability to perform online research using various search engines. Most online courses post a list to technical skills needed for the course to prepare students in advance.

In Conclusion, becoming a successful online student is not easy. With each new course and with every assignment students have to develop skills that enhance their learning characteristics. If you do feel that you are ready to take on the world of online learning, you can explore the courses offered on to find a course that will help you upgrade your skills.

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Online Learning Platforms the Primary Preference For Learning Among Indian Employees

Rapid developments in technology coupled with increasing innovations in science and engineering, have created an increasing gap between need and availability of the skills required across the IT industry. Today, it is essential for IT professionals to update their skills in order to ensure employability in a highly competitive economic environment. However, employees are not keen to go through traditional learning program because of several reasons such as the cost, time spent away from the office, boredom etc. This is where online training platforms can play a major role in closing the prevalent skill gap among employees.

KANTAR IMRB, a leading market research company recently surveyed 568 IT professionals across the leading Indian cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, NCR, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. The study titled – Learning habits of the Indian technologist attempted to understand how an IT professional in India likes to learn, his views on various learning methods, whether he has set learning goal for himself and how it links to his personal and career growth.

The study showed that an astounding 97 percent of IT professionals agreed on the importance of building one’s technology skills and 74 percent of them have undergone learning programs in 2016 to ensure that their skills are up-to-date . For the year 2017, 48 percent of IT professionals surveyed had set learning goals for themselves linking skill upgradation to career growth and better pay.

The key learning of this study was that 69 percent of Indian IT professionals believe that the use ois more effective for learning than offline methods with almost 74 percent of IT professionals looking for freedom in what they learn rather than being directed. The study also highlighted the emergence of  new learning styles with 94 percent of IT professionals, who felt that personalization of learning experience, 93 percent who felt that byte-sized learning and 92 percent who felt that adaptive online assessments were new learning trends  that would greatly impact learning in next two years.

With online training platform becoming increasingly popular, Google and KPMG also recently released a joint report titled; ‘Online Education in India: 2021. The report revealed that the online education industry is expected grow at a healthy rate of 8x, to become a $1.96 billion industry by 2021. The report that covered over 3,600 respondents across 27 geographies including metros and non-metros revealed that over the last two years, there had been a 2x growth in online searches for education in India and a 3X growth in searches from a mobile device. Highlighting the segment wise growth in the online education space, the report said that re-skilling and online certification is currently the largest sector that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38% to reach $463 million by 2021 from the  93 million in 2016.

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3 Strategies To Use MOOCs To Advance Your Career And Get It Out Of That Rut

MOOCs are healthy for your career growth! 

Admit it! All of us, at some point in our careers, get stuck in a rut.  This is especially common after you have been in the same position or similar industry for too long. The familiarity of knowing the job too well is no longer comforting but can be boring and often very frustrating. If you too are looking to get out of this rut and move ahead in your career, then online learning can be the answer for you. Over the past few years, MOOCs – an acronym for Massive Open Online Courses have disrupted the global education industry by making available high quality educational content to enthusiastic learners all over the world.

From students in educational institutions, women on career breaks, retirees seeking to learn something new to busy executives looking to develop their skillset, Moocs are sought by all as they provide the opportunity to study a subject without the traditional time and geographical confines of a university.

Some of the biggest applicants for various MOOC courses globally are busy corporate executives who use these online learning platforms to help them get to the next level of their career – without the hassles of taking a break from work. If you too are struggling with boredom at work, you can consider online education as a stepping stone to help you advance your career to the next level of success.

Strategy #1 –   Master New And Evolving Technological Skills To Make Yourself Indispensable And Enhance Your Marketability

Technology is forever evolving at a breakneck speed and mastery of the latest technological skills is a sure shot way of impressing your superiors whilst making yourself indispensable at your place of work.  When you learn an in-demand digital skill or update your technical skills, you can enhance your reputation as an expert, and this strategy just might make the difference between you and another candidate when deciding on a promotion.

Strategy # 2 – Learn New Skills Beyond Your Expertise To Prepare For A Promotion

MOOCs are an excellent way to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge, beyond your expertise that may come in handy on the job. You can always leverage your new skills to get the promotion that you have been vying for. Once you complete your online courses, you can polish your resume and show off your new skills with an official certificate. By keeping your managers and HR department updated on the various courses that you are doing, you will be able to project yourself as a motivated candidate, trained and prepared to take a career leap when required.

Strategy # 3 – Learn Skills To Turn Your Passion Into Your Profession

MOOCs offer you the opportunity to expand your professional horizon and transform your passion into your profession. For instance, the various writing courses, photography courses are a great way to polish your skills before you embark on a new career.

If this is the year, that you have decided to advance your career, you should register for an online course with Uzity. Our wide range of courses will help you fast-track your career to success.


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Coding – The New Business Literacy Skill That Everyone Must Know

Literacy is often defined as the ability to read alphabets, numbers and form basic words and sentences. It is an essential life skill because, without basic literacy skills, you are at an impossible disadvantage in modern society.

As we swiftly integrate technology into our daily lives, many experts are considering the ability to write codes and read HTML as a new age literacy skill. Even if you do not work as a developer or even in a creative field, being able to program and read code is gradually becoming the benchmark distinguishing productive and employable individuals. With an increasing number of MOOC courses offering courses in coding, let’s look at a few reasons why coding is fast becoming the new age literacy skill essential for all corporate executives.

Enhance Your Digital Literacy

Learning to code through various MOOC courses are a great way to enhance your digital literacy. While it is not essential to learn to code the various applications that you use on a daily basis, but in-depth knowledge of the working and coding of these apps will help you use those applications better. Once you open the doors to learning to code, you will become digitally literate and be able to troubleshoot your daily tech problems that would have frustrated or defeated you earlier.

Learn To Work More Independently

Learning coding will enable you to work faster and more independently as you no longer have to depend on your development team or your agency to make tiny changes to your website.  Armed with the basic coding skills, not only will you be able to manage your website better, but you can also create promotional emails, navigate or debug a new software and much more.

Improve Problem Solving Skills

When you learn to code through various MOOC courses, you need to congregate your thoughts in a logical, structured way. Logical thinking will sharpen your reasoning and greatly improve your problem-solving skills.

Give Life To Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Start-ups are altering the entrepreneurial landscape and if you too have dreams of entrepreneurship, coding is an invaluable skill to learn. Learning coding will help you create a prototype of your app and website. Through your knowledge of coding, you will be able to accurately estimate how long each stage of development will take, and what resources will be required.

Learn To Communicate Effectively With Your Technical Team.

Understanding code is an essential business skill, especially if you frequently collaborate with the technical team at your workplace. With a basic understanding coding and how various technologies work, you will be able to give clear and crisp instructions to your technical and development team.


Today, learning code through various MOOC courses is regarded as a critical skill, irrespective of the department that you work in. Not all of us who learn to write will become a professional writer, similarly not everyone who learns to code will go on to become a software developer. But learning these skills will equip you to face future workplace challenges and enhance your employability.

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4 Skills you can learn online for free

Turn that dream into a reality today

Last week we spoke about why continual learning is important both from a business point of view and for your own personal development. On the career front, upskilling makes you a more valuable employee for your employer, leading to better work, increased career longevity, and higher productivity. Personally speaking, taking a MOOC or learning a new skill helps you remain sharp and stay connected with

Learning something new can feel daunting, however. How many of us have always wanted to learn a new language to prep for that backpacking trip across Europe or build a kickass website to showcase the photography from said dream vacation or just give it all up to retire to the countryside and become eccentric recluses who write best-selling novel after best-selling novel? Most of us get stuck at this dream stage. It’s always nice to fantasize about a new life, but reality has a way of interfering and these interests remain hobbies to mention on a Tinder profile, rather than a skill we develop.

What we need is easy access, some structure, and a little bit of motivation. Today, open courses, MOOCs and learning management systems make it easier than ever to ensure that fantasy doesn’t just remain a pipe dream, but turns into a valuable and marketable skill. Here are four things you could easily begin to learn online today:

Crash Course – From physics to philosophy, Crash Course’s short videos are fun and informative, making it a great 101 resource for anyone waiting to get started. Built by the Green Brothers (John is an award winning writer, and Hank is an internet behemoth), these videos are great at piquing your interest enough to make you want to dive a little deeper. Or if you know you already want to know everything there is to know about the human body, it’s a great place to refresh your knowledge until at least the high school level. We particularly like John’s series on Literature!

CodeAcademy – Every uncle and aunty seems to want you to learn computers. While “just do computers in college, beta” for the umpteenth time is infuriating at best, there is some logic to this cut-and-paste piece of advice. Coding Is an invaluable skill, whether you intend to pursue this as a career or not. Even for the non-technically inclined, the usefulness of being able to throw together a simple website to host your portfolio, or to just be able to communicate your requirements and assess whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck can’t be denied.

750words – There’s a non-tech version of the “just learn to code” advice we talked about above. It’s when writers get told to “just write”. Beyond the basic rules of spelling, grammar and composition, writing honestly just comes down to practice. And consistency. Talking about writing is easy, but doing it is hard. This is where 750 Words comes in – the bar is set low, the interface is clean, and it encourages writing to become a habit, and with time, a skill. Start today!

Coursera – No list on upskilling would be complete without a nod to the granddaddy of all online learning, Coursera. It started out offering a few MOOCs largely focused on machine learning (the founders’ field of expertise) and now offers courses on practically everything one could dream of. Seriously, you can learn how to care for a horse if you want. The great part is that it has tied up with renowned universities to offer official certifications for a portion of these courses, which means that you can actually use it to boost your resume. I’m already fantasizing new career as a horse whisperer.

Our curiosity to learn new things has never flagged, and MOOCs and learning management systems have made it easier to satiate this curiosity than ever before. All it needs is for you to take the leap. So, what skill will you begin building today?

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Six Ways Learning New Skills Can Make You Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

Human beings are curious by nature and learning is one of the first pursuits in the modern world where schooling and education for a child are of prime importance.  However, learning is not limited to the young and one of the most prominent characteristics of successful leaders the world over, is the continuous quest for learning. Most of us pursue knowledge in a few areas or interest – either related to our profession or maybe a passion. However, the few among us, who actively seek information, open up the gates of opportunity for themselves.

Today learning has moved beyond the confines of storied institutions. Technology has enabled us to learn at our own time and at our own pace. LMSs ( Learning Management Systems), online tutorials and MOOCs ( Massive Online Open Courses) are offering us the opportunity to pursue intellectual development in ways that are tailored to our learning style. Learning new skills has never been easier!

With science and technology evolving at remarkable speed, learning new skills through LMSs and online learning platforms allow you to become a lifelong learner. Let’s look at some of the ways in which learning and mastering new skills can change your life and enhance your sense of well-being.

Learning Is Vital For Success

Perhaps the most obvious motivation for learning new skills is Success. Today, we live in a dynamic world that is characterised by rapid changes in technology increasing interconnectedness, and new forms social engagement and employment. Learning new skills through LMSs, online tutorials and MOOCs equips you with the latest skills and keeps you in demand in an increasingly competitive work corporate environment as companies are always looking for self-motivated individuals to drive success for the company

Learning Rewires The Brain

Scientists have proven that learning a new skill is one of the best brain workouts. People who actively learn new skills through various learning platforms don’t give their brains a chance to demyelinate, and their neural pathways are ready for new impulses to travel along them. Learning new skills keeps cognitive aging at bay and can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer.

Learning New Skills To Boost Your Self Confidence

Mastering new skills will not only help you grow in terms of abilities and talents, but in self-worth as well. Learning allows us to succeed at something new and gives us an opportunity to give ourselves a big pat on the back!

Learning To Break The Monotony Of Life

Following the same routine everyday can often lead to boredom and mental fatigue.  Learning new skills is a great way to challenge yourself and break the cycle of monotony so that you remain motivated and inspired in your daily life.

Learning New Skills To Stay Relevant

Using various LMS and MOOC courses to stay to date is essential in a fast evolving changing world. Losing the drive for learning can cause us to stagnate in our personal as well as our professional lives.

Learning To Become Better At Learning

Learning a new skill is a skill in itself and as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Knowledge has a compounding effect in our lives and the art of learning opens up our heart and minds to keep learning and mastering new skills